Farming Technology

JoyTech’s fields, greenhouses, sorting and packing facilities and transport vehicles are all equipped with state-of-the-art systems. Our advanced processes benefit from advanced irrigation technologies and Dutch refrigeration techniques that ensure that Mother Nature’s good work is preserved and brought safely to market.



In addition to traditional soil-based planting, JoyTech employs advanced hydroponic growing systems (a soil-free method wherein plants absorb mineral nutrients from water-based growing environments); insect-proof greenhouses to reduce the need for pesticide application as well as the incidence of direct crop damage; automated irrigation for maximized growing effect and savings; and climate control systems to ensure optimal growing conditions.


At JoyTech, we incorporate Integrated Pest Management practices (IPM) whenever possible. The introduction of natural enemies into the agricultural process to fight pests and disease, reduce crop loss and naturally foster pollination is a welcome change to the standard use of harsh chemical pesticides that endanger both man and environment and leads to the cultivation of a safer and cleaner fresh herb crop.


JoyTech also recycles its water waste and uses it to irrigate green areas around its farmland. This environmentally-friendly practice serves to further beautify the working environment without the expenditure of additional water resources.



Providing a field-to-fork solution in agriculture requires the implementation of a closely-monitored, temperature-controlled supply chain. From the moment our herbs and flowers are harvested, a tightly-run cold chain is deployed around all storage, packing and distribution activities so that optimal temperature ranges are maintained and uninterrupted throughout the stages of its transfer en route to its final destination.



JoyTech owns and operates a fleet of modern cold trucks for dispatching daily shipments of fresh herbs and flowers to their intended destinations. Loaded directly in the fields upon our onsite cold trucks (maintained at 2⁰ Celsius), they are protected in optimal conditions throughout the transportation process.